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Homeopathic weight loss drops uk - homeopathic weight loss drops uk

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Homeopathic weight loss drops uk
Remaining reports are normal. Sir,my tsh level is very more than 150,sir also feeling pain in my toe during i walk. Patient requiring this medicine passes many days without going for stool, he feels no desire for stool until a large accumulation has occurred in intestines. 6. 90, TSH-4. S. I have got 1 child of 4 yrs old. We have been trying to concieve now for 8 months and nothing is happening. But BP and rosuvastatin 10 are fr last 5 years. There is another unusual symptom, my both hands and fingers of the hand becomes more complexioned than other parts of the body. it never happened before. My TSH level is 7. I have slight difficulty in swallow hard food. plz suggested best homeoe medicine. I suffer from urticaria and its intensity is growing over the years with age. 9mm is noted in isthumus. 5 mg of Levotheroxin which after three years was upped to 25 and after a year and a half to 50 mg synthroid. He has all the classic signs of Hypothyroidism. I have gained 40 lbs in the past 2 months. Then I consult a Medical Specialist and told him the whole story, he advised me to take only 1 tablet of Thyroxine to prevent yourself from Hypothyroidism. 0,kindly suggest remedy to treat the disease. Sharma and get a reply on how homeopathy can help you in treating your disease condition. Currently I am using Epival 500 mg (2 tablets), Hapicit 20 mg (1 tablet), Risp 1mg (1 tablet) and Kempro (1 tablet) for bipolar disorder treatment. I feel my heart beating a little faster since taking the flax, Vit DD, and bazil nut. Last week i got my blood tests and found out the following results of Thyriods. I have been prescribed 80 mg Propranolol once a day in the morning. Also feel sensations in my lower part of legs. Then I switched over to homeo and took calcarea carbonica, ferrum phosporus and 6 other drugs in combinations for a year. I feel tired at evening without doing any labor. Please advice if we can stop alopathy and continue homoeopathy. I consulted a physician and started with 25 mcg of thyroxin sodium daily. No hunger for anything still weight is constnt 68kg,with 5feet height. weight about 75 kg. 90 My age is 50 years. Please suggest if I can start using Calcareia Carbonica. Stress otherwise. everything is OK but THS is 4. What medicine in homeopathy will work for me, and any medicine to reduce weight. Psorinum may be given to those patients who always feel chilly and even in hot weather desire extra coverings to combat the extreme chilliness. I feel very chill sensation if barefoot on floor. Hi, I am trying to find the right homeopathic remedy for myself, I am hoping you might be willing to help me. Tolerate. Now i feel very tired, weak n exhausted, flatulence and irritability has increased. Hello sir I am 36 year old woman. On bp medicine of telmisat 40 one tab before sleep. Im suffering with hypothyroidsm sweat on my fore headshaking hand palpation is v high having hairs on my chin gaining weight on my stomach. She is dead against english medicine but open to Homeo. Towards evening my bp goes up and I feel uneasy. My tsh was 19 when I diagnosed to be having thyroid last year in September. Please, if you can help in any way I will be most appreciative. In spite of taking medicine (telma-am), my bp is not under control. kindly help. My son is 9yrs old is gaining weight due to thyroid problem. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago. Blood pressure tabs give me servers side effects. If tsh 14. Graphites: Graphites is mainly used for those patients of hypothyroidism who are very obese and take on cold very easily. Overall. My daughter was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 20. The stool is insufficient and does not give satisfaction to the patient. I am Rajeshwari, I am having hypothyroidism for more than 9 years, I am almost 84 kg weight, fatigue extreme, hair loss, recently I tested thyroids blood test. I feel quite cold and feet remain chilled inspite of all massages. The patients requiring this medicine complain of very hard and difficult stool that is passed in small balls with excessive pain during the passing the stool process that continues for long time after the stool. Women with polycystic ovarian disease and those around menopausal age are prone to weight gain. I was not able to do daily household work due to fatigue and tiredness. If so, what is the best course to follow and would you have any recommendations for a good doctor in Trivandrum city, Kerala. I need help and I wonder if you can help me with homeopathic remedy. I believe I have hypothyroidism and I would like to have you get my thyroid back on track. My daughter age 22 married having problem of high prolactin and breast leaking while she is not pregnant not feeding. 08 for hopothryroaid. Her TSH level has come down to 6. Just five month ago we did normal test, it was ok. 6 days of period black in colour and only stane after that it become more and more bleeding. Can I take calcium and iron capsules along with it. Dr Dharma my doughter is suffering hypothyroidism she is now nine year old body is weak. The patient requiring this medicine is usually of reserved nature and may show weeping tendencies especially when alone. e 6. 8 in may 2015 but still was having variety of troubles. wt should I do I never prefer allopathic medicine. I would like to start on a homeopathic remedy. The patients requiring this medicine are very weak, have a pale yellow face and faint very easily especially on exposure to excessive cold temperature. 18. This medicine can help in treating the menstrual complaints in patients of hypothyroidism where the menses appear too early and are copious in nature. I have done blood test and the report shows TSH 7. Doctor asked for several tests. My Dr will not do a complete panel. Just got blood report done as suddenly there was weight gain of 3-4 kgs. I get irritated very quickly if offended by family members or friends however am very tame with outsiders. Kindly suggest remedies for hypothyroidism applicable to my symptoms. Also severe pain and stiffness of the body. My TSH is 5. I m 30 year old house wife staying in saudi Arabia having two sons,last week i was feeling dizy,hedach,gass,weakness,then gone to dr she found myTSH level was 5. 23. I donot feel like having any energy to do work or study. I am suffering from this disease for more than 10 years. I am 44 years old suffering from Diabetes. 68 maximum hairfall gas problem hearing problem acute pimples and poor memory which medicine is suits for me. Sepia Officinalis: Sepia Officinalis is also a significant homeopathic medicine for treating the hypothyroid patients. Could you pelase let me know if there is a permanent cure. pls reply what should I do with knee cyst. Endo doc has suggested to do a thyroid surgery of the right thyroid which is non cancerous so is there any homeopathic medicines to cure the thyroid without having the surgery. my tsh is in range now. I was scheduled for a complete physical in a few months and I was researching homeopathic remedy to try before then to see if it made a difference. And after standard 10th i developped unusual body hair and ironically my hair on haid becoming thin and less in number. I would like to have more physical and sexual energy. plz suggest remady n medicine for it. TSH range was 7. I want to take the treatement in homeopathic. This medicine can also help those women of hypothyroidism who complain of prolonged menses where the menstrual blood is blackish and accompanied by fainting spells. 29. My fathers mother had serious thyroid problem and died from complications of her thyroid. During. cant tolerate heat or cold. Sir myself32 yrs female suffering from hypothyroidism and hair loss and wt gain also feel like filled stomach plz tell me treatment for this plz let me know homeopathy medicine for increase the height of my son 12 yrs old. I consulted a physician and after conducting certain tests found my TSH level high 7. Is there any homopethic remedy that can treat my thyroid with out harming my organ. Cinchona Officinalis is yet another useful natural homeopathic medicine for treating menstrual trouble in women suffering from hypothyroidism. Obesity is one big health issue that is a reason for distress for people of all age groups. I have few symptoms like fatigue, My finger tips get cold during winters but in summer i am heat intolerant, neck shoulder pain, but no other symptom like constipation, thinning of hair, weight gain or loss, irritation etc. and I am gaining weight. Please prescribe the medicine to reduce thyroid and fatness. 5, and high uric acid 6. now my periods problem solved and i got it at correct time but THS is lvel will not decreased. Sir my wife is suffering from hyperthyroidism since last 4 years. The homeopathic treatment for losing weight is constitutional. I feel quite cold and feet remain chilled inspite of all massages. we r from Jamshedpur. This medicine can be prescribed to those patients of hair fall who crave hot drinks and sweets. is 70 and B. I have gaining wait day by day even I am doing excersize and proper diet. The symptom guiding towards its use is profuse menstrual flow containing dark clots. 8 I want to use homeo My feet(down part) is cold and has become very sensitive I have to use socks all the time Skin under my foot has burning sensation all the time Sometime back I had craving for chalk but has reduced now pl suggest whether I can use homeo. I am 45 years old. It was very enlightening to read your excellent article on hypothyroid. I have started thyronorm 25 recommended by allopath Doctor. It requires a detailed case history of the patient and its evaluation for selecting a suitable constitutional remedy. having acidity n gastric. I am suffering from weight gain, hairfall, dry skin. what you can recommend. Next medicine Nux Vomica works well in relieving those cases of constipation where the patient feels constant desire to pass stool but only scanty stool is passed. and solution for gastic problem and weight gain problem. Having a bowel movement and blowing my nose are synonymous, one does not happen without the other. Tired. Elephantitis in left leg since more than 45 years. the homeopathic medicine right to cure it permanently. 1, 7. I have gained weight Lal over especially Arms back And waist. 82) Please advise. The patients requiring Lycopodium usually show excessive craving for hot drinks and sweets. I must take a large glass of lemon water and tea before motion. i am47 y old lady. Can take cold better than heat. is 34 kg. I feel too cold and too hot because of slight changes in weather. I am suffering from body ache,weight gain,Mood swing and lethargic so pl. I am hoping you can provide some insight on what a good remedy may be for me to start with. Please let me know the amount and your bank details. Excessive perspiration on the head during sleep can accompany this problem, and the patients requiring this medicine are usually obese. Could you please suggest the precautions to be taken for food and what type of thyroid do I have. night every week. Her height is 4 ft 10 inch, and she is gaining weight in spite of controlling food intake, her current weight is 86 kgs, which is a matter of concern. kindly suggest medicine. My friends daughter suffering hypothairod from brith please answer it can cure. 84. I started Homeopathic treatment in Oct 2013 till Dec 2014 but no improvement in Hypothyrodism. Although, i sleep for 8 hours but always feel like sleep-deprived. Mentally the patient is very depressed, sad and weeps easily on listening to music. I would like to seek your advise on my Thyroid profile. of med. I want my dose to be reduced and supplemented by any homeopathic medicine. We got all tests done but TSH was 6. This medicine works wonderfully in treating the obstinate constipation in hypothyroid patients. I had 3 children since then. I m thyroid patients from last 10 years and depression and hytus hernia also. The readings on 13th day were as follows. I have small nodule in my neck last 8 month, my doctors said I could removed by surgery. I wish to find out the chronic homeopathic medicine of Rhus Tox. Just want to know is there any permenant cure for my issue or will have to take medicine life long, my wieght does increases but with regular jogging and exercise i have controlled my weight. Such patients lack vital heat of body and feel excessively chilly even in a warm room. My daughter has hypothyroid Her TSH is 9. Its use is highly recommended in obese people who are always chilly and cannot tolerate cold air. Sir,this is Virender Sharma and i am suffering from thyriod decease. My hair is falling with a rapid speed. I would like to know if this is the correct drops to use. At age of 21 I had Hepatitis- B and was cured. Dear DrHomeo I am suffering from hypothyroid from last 4 years can I ask me hypothyroid desise completely curable treatment by homeopathy medicine. Can I take Calcarea Carbonica and Sepia Officinalis both for my problem. I started Synthroid 25mcg now it is 3. Are the homeopathic remedies for hypothyroidism to be taken independent of one another or can you combine the ones that encompass your symptoms. Dear DrHomeo I am suffering from hypothyroid from last 4 years can I ask me hypothyroid desise completely curable treatment by homeopathy medicine. I was not able do my daily activites due to tiredness and bodypain. Sir my TSH level is high by 2 point and T3 level is low by 3 point and T4 level is normal according to report. I have hypothyroidism and is under treatment for last 10 years. From last two years I am suffering from at gain and sleepiness. love to eat spicy food. Fill the Comment Form below -You can write about your problem To Dr. My inner ears hurt and I hear ringing all of the time. The patient requiring this medicine is fair complexioned, fatty and flabby. All these are equally good for decreasing the sensitivity towards cold but the selection of the medicine solely depends upon the constitutional symptoms given by the patient. There is no miracle treatment for obesity, though homeopathy has been successfully employed as a mode of treatment for many years now in Europe and South Asia. Taking Eltroxin 200 mg from last two years. Laboratory Evaluation of Thyroid Function, Indian Thyroid Guidelines, JAPI, January 2011,vol. Madm I have thyroid problem with Tsh low level and menses come with first 5. i wants to reduce my weight. I am suffering from hypothyroidism from 15 year ago. I have been reading on internet that Iodum CM can cure in few dosage and some other like Bromium, etc. Have obesity with hairfall with urinary recurrent and abdominal complaints. 86. Sir,I m 49 year old man suffering from hypothyroid since April 16 Report of t3,t4normal TSH 16and antiTPO 1300. What can I do I really have heard that the homeopathy can really help and I am just not sure where or what to start on. I am taking 50mcg thyronorm Now tsh is 8. 210, n t4 5. 7 and doctors had advised THYROX 50 for three months. Dont know if she shoud wash her hair more or brush more or what. I am having asthma since when I am 13 and during winter I use inhalers. This homeopathic medicine is mainly prescribed to those patients of hypothyroidism who suffer from gastric troubles. Bloated feeling in the stomach after eating is also present. while taking homeopathy medicine I feel relief. From 2014-2015 I m gaining weight n gained 5 kg in one year. The symptoms that guide towards its use for hair fall are excessive craving for salty things, inability to bear the heat of sun. I exercise on and off and lose motivation very quickly. I took Thyroxin for 2. Another small hypoechoic nodule 7. 08 for hopothryroaid. Have long history of stomach disorders such as mild gastritis, have frequent urge to pass stool to feel light. I first tested for thyroid during pregnancy in 2012 and took the gynec prescribed medication till 2013 throughout my pregnancy and delivery period. Recently I went for thyroid test and found my TSH is 19. sometime I feel shiver in my spinal area. taking psychiatric medicines. there is hair fall and I like hot climate and cannot tolerate cold. Now I checked the TSH, and it became 8. indigestion. Am diagnosed with hypothyroidism, with high levels of TSH (16). He suggested me thyroid test and my results are. I am suffering with foggy vision in my eyes, high blood pressure and CKD. Calcarea Carbonica: Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica assumes the top most position in homeopathy for treating hypothyroid cases. 95 and my throid proxidase was 270. Was on Allopathic med Thyrorom from Feb16 to May16. I think I see people, who are not there, in my periferral vision. Could I use Calcarea Carbonica, Sepia Officinalis, Graphites, andLycopodium Clavatum for my Miniature Schnauzer. My feet and kind of the rest of my body feel that way for the first 5 minutes after getting up from sleep. P 65 to 120 most of the time. When I did have menses, they were heavy and painful. Specially, on the winter season (here, in India) i always develop cold feet which lasts from morning to night. Although during the treatment my TSH was under control, acne and hairfall problem was still present. I have already high bp since 2years and recently attache hypothyroidism tsh. My daughter suffers from temporary hair loss called alopecia and I am sure it is because of thyroid problem while being pregnant. My wife Rutuja age 34, having hypothyroidism which is detected 7-8 years back when she was having difficulty in conceiving. Cyst in knee from last 8 years. Now my ankles and feet are swelling since last 3 months. My weight always between 69 to 71 kg. Especially if there is a lot of depression. In order to be eligible to use this medicine to lose weight, the constitutional symptoms shown by the patient are given utmost importance. but I have low iron. I am of the weight of 55 kgs. Thanks in advance for your help. From hypo in Feb16 I went to hyper in May16. 07 and t3-0. I want to start homeopathy treatment. Hi, i am 43 yers old suffering from hypothyroid for last 20 years atleast. I am also anaemic and am having hair fall. Earlier I thought its double chin but it is not so. Job. At present, I am taking Thyrox 100 mcg now. I dont know what to tell my daughter to do except to relax and keep a good diet and have moderat exercise and lots of fresh air. I take 50 mg thyroxin tab daily recommended by my doctor for hypothyroid symtom since 12 years. She gave me Lachesis and Thyroidinum as well as Sanguinaria. Is if necessary to take medicine for the same. Please suggest me some useful medicine regarding this and tell me if any tests are needed further. I am a pt of hypothyroidism with craving for sweet but avoid salt. please give a suggestion for this. 4 and T4 level is 14. My daughter is 12 years old and is having a problem of long and heavy bleeding just before six months she had her menarche. My daughter is 12 years old having hypothyroid which was detected in the last month. severe gas acidity. She mentioned my hormones is affecting my thyroid. But tsh is 5. kindly suggest. (january: periods happened in 8th) it didnt happened until now. Very valuable sugestions for patients as well as torch for practioners. I request you to suggest homeopathic medicines,dosage and when to take blood tests. 2015 was 16. I have gained weight (not obese) even though I am quite active. 00 SO tell me some medicine my wight is 35kg. I have also done the following test in second day of periods. Due to the side effects of my medicine which I am using from 16 years now I am suffered from Thyroidism. I shoulkd start with the medicines or get the tests done agaiin from other laboratory. I developed hashimoto thyroiditis 2 years back and now I am in hypo phase. However, if I change dosage levels fluctuate and I start feeling lethargy. At first he wanted me to go on to medication but then relendted after I was reluctant to have to go onto them for life. I am a student of panchshil homoeopathic medical college,khamgaon. 5. The test taken in Sept shows T4-0. 87 years old and very good health otherwise. Horrible weight gain from past 3 yrs of 25 kg. Beginning with depression, hair thinning and dry skin. 7, I feel dizziness, my weight is101 kg, hair fall, flatulence afternoon and early morning etc, My age is 40, male, doing govt. I usually have small hard pellets of stool followed by very loose almost explosive stool, my nose ALWAYS runs when I have a bowel movement. old suffering from Hypothyroidism TSH is 8. I am an active woman and an avid sailor, I meditate and live with gratitude and compassion, or at least I try to. 87 years old and very good health otherwise. Graphites may be recommended in obese, chilly patients with obstinate constipation. I wish to know if there is any cure for this. The stool is mainly soft and clay like but it requires great straining to expel the stool due to sluggish action of rectum. In 2003 I had an auto-immune disease which came on suddenly, thought to be the early stages of Lupus. My symptoms when I stop taking Synthroid are Palpitation, Breathlessness while lying down, Losing temper, Major mood swings, concentration issue, memory issue hair fall and moderate depression. His wt. I am veg. 92. Thanks for your co-operation rendered on my request. Sweet also. I got my thyroid test done and my reports shows the T3 and T4 are normal whereas my TSH level is above the normal i. what kind of medicine should I take and how much time. I am person working in office and having sitting duty. I have hypothyroid problem please suggest proper medicine. Urge to eat spicy or fatty food full day and night. 63. I have been suffering from high TSH since last 5 years, I have been taking thyronorm, when I use this medicine my TSH is in control when I stop again it increases, Since last couple of month I am using TYHORDINUM 3X along with my THYRONORM but doctor has aksed to discontinue homepathy medicine. I am having Hypothyroid since 10 months, going under medication (thyronorm-125mcg) since 10 months, Here are the most recent thyroid level (T3-1. Weight 78. Can homeopathy be taken along with allopathic medication. I am already on treatment for hypothyroid and taking one tablet of thyrox-50 tablets for more than two years. know on my face there is swelling near neck also also swelling also I get breathing problems also hair fall. The following are my symptoms. Prefer isolation no interest in mingling with people. Severe cramps on left sholder ( back potion of the neck to fingere). Is there a cure and how long would it take to get rid of Synthroid. pls suggest from your side homeopathic medicine. A year before i started using homeopathic medicine Iodium 30 and left allopathic medicine and my TSH dropped to 3. once before 2years tsh was 10. In this article various homeopathic medicines to loose weight are mentioned, but again the selection depends solely upon the constitution of the patient. I have no beard and mustaches pleace help me to cure this. Doctor had prescribed a small dose of tablets to regulate cholesterol and BP. But i tested 2 days ago and found out that TSH is 7. controlling diet is also must while using homeopathic medicines for weight loss. My TPO I got checked on 8. She is obese, has hair loss, mestrual cycle is irregular, underwent a sugery for ectopic pregnanacy, Please suggest the best mode of treatment for her. This means i am suffering from thyroid disease. Sir, I hv thyroid am nt fat, 6 months ago I found dat I hv thyroid at that time tsh was 13 I had home pathic medicine nw I have 24 It arise so many problems. Sepia Officinalis is an excellent medicine to deal with menstrual problems due to hypothyroidism where the menses are very profuse and appear very early. I want to be pregnent but still did not get after 8 years of happy marriage life. Reduced to 3 in 6 months then with 50mcg thyroxine medicine. and my lipid profile is norkal B12 reading is 151 and Vitamin D 17. Help Dr Shama I was hyperactive in 2010 took that RAL pill, became hypo, then a year later was diagnosed with Graves Disease. Sir my age is 25years i am a thyroid passiont. My normal temp. good sleeps. I am not sure if I would react best to calc carb, sepia, Lycopodium or possibly something completely different. I get tired very soon, and have reduced stamina over years. 6. Sugar and blood pressure are on lower side. There are no such symptoms with what i can feeel that i have the thyroid probkem. Since thyroid not able to concentrate well feel tiredness all the time right from morning. 2 x 5. For this above result i. I took 3 tablets of Thyroxine for 2 weeks and my TSH fell to 2. Also please confirm how many months will it take to reach normal TSH level. need yr advice. cant wake up early. My height is 5 feet and my weight is 72kg. I am 26yrs old married female lady with no issue right now. 4 which is normal rang. Please help me and sugest me any medicen that treat my problems. I am karthik P aged:28 years, i have been suffering from Hypothyrodism from the past 5 years. more. I usually dont have costipation rather its the diaohrrea mostly. Homeopathic medicines for dealing with cold intolerance in hypothyroid patients. I have a hypothyroid problem i am pregnant please give me a homeopathic medicine for high tsh which is safe in pregnancy. I have not been clinically diagnosed yet, but my symptoms started about 3 months ago and my breast became engorged as if I were pregnant and I have always been slender, I noticed my stomach started to look as if. I take Synthroid, Levothyroxine, an antidepressant and an antianxiety. I wanted to know, is there a cure for such extreme cases with Homeo treatment. constipation. Just to support immune system I am taking calcria Carg 30 and Nox vomica 30. Homeopathic Remedies for treating hair fall in patients of Hypothyroidism. Concentration to my study is becoming lower day by day. Lack of interest in life and work not ambitious. Although, i had irregular bowel movements from childhood, now a days it suffers me most. For example, can you take both Calcarea Carbonica AND Lycopodium Clavatum at the same time. 23. When I do this then again now within one week, I am feeling bitterness of Mania in my mood and behaviour. Whilst I was pregnant with my son i gained weight. I also take meds for HIV and blood pressure. Currently I am on thyronorm 150 mg medication, but levels seems not to be in control. I am looking for a permanent cure if possible and get rid of Synthroid. Now, I am also suffering from tooth decay and bleeding-gum. Please do suggest something what to do, i want my health back, thanks. The next sphere in which this medicine proves very efficacious is the treatment of constipation in hypothyroid patients. if any issue for my future life. Please give me your valuable suggesions on my problems. I shoulkd start with the medicines or get the tests done agaiin from other laboratory. Coldness of feet is always present during the menstrual period. I am depressed, with suicidal thoughts, and have lost a significant amount of my front hairline. She was diagnosed to be having TSH level at 9. I then abstained from Thyroxine and discontinue it for two weeks. Extreme sensitiveness to cold air is always present in the patient. Im taking thyroxin 50mcg and for hair fall the same doctor recomended me neuromet but now a days im again victim of extreme hair fall. snoring during sleeps. 8,. 2. Sleep. Next homeopathic medicine Ferrum Mettalicum can prove to be very efficacious in those women who complain of excessive bleeding during menses where the blood is pale and watery leading to anemia and weakness. weakness. I have been on the strictest of diets and most rigid training but my weight wont even drop. request you to please guide us for homeopath medicine treatment for the same. My age is 45 and I am diahonsed hypothyroidism and my thyroid test results are as following. It seems I am in early stages of Hypotheridisum. My head hurt n I feel sleepy all the Time. giddiness. she have bulky pituatry gland. pls dr suggest what i have to do. My weight always between 69 to 71 kg. Dr Sharma I am having hypothyroid which was diagonised 3 months back tsh 11. With iodium she was taking calc carb30x and bromium30x. This cold feet problem causes symptom like frost bite. Also i have severe hairfall since i started taking thyronorm. I want to control my weight still i m 80 kgs. 5 yrs wt gain 20 kg in this duration. Form 2 years back homeo medicine i used. I am a chronic patient of bipolar disorder and suffered in this disease on 23rd March, 2001. plz suggest me what should i do. Catch cold easily have allergy towards it especially wen getup in morning. I were, my eating pattern remained the same, but I craved salty chips and I seem to be thirsty alot, I went to Dr, today and when I stepped on the scales, I was shocked. Thanks for your co-operation rendered on my request. Homeo medicines work very fast in my body as I take Homeo medicines for all other illness. advice to control Blood sugar and Hypothyroidism. Timidity and inability to take decisions may also be present. obess weight 118kg. 5 mm in left lobe. now a days I am taking thyronoram 50 mgc,plz suggest. Though my weight hasnt moved from 68 kgs which for my height is under obese category but in physical appearence I am not at all fat, or flabby. Earlier i was taking 75 mcg thyronorm but recently i have switched to 50 mcg. After taking medicine his count was 35 and motility 30%. What is the best OTC med. I am 35. If you could suggest something would be really kind. Also I get thick facial hair( nearly 5 on right side and 8 on left side) on my chin. I am taking synthroid 0. I suffer from constipation problem and got piles operated six months after delivery. Seems my hair has stopped thinning but has not regrown. My vagina is very dry and sex is painful. Certain peculiarities in eating habits like craving for boiled eggs, desire for indigestible things like chalk, pencils, lime, and aversion to take fats also guide towards its use in patients of hypothyroidism. Whatever i eat that causes me extreme level of acid and heartburn. what you can recommend. this is my new problem. And menses are profuse long lasting, and Hb is 7. Can you please let me know the potency of Cal carb and the frequency. In March, 2005 Hypothyroidism was diagnosed to me with TSH of 12. While taking homeopathic medicine do I need to stop the thyronorm completely or slowly the dose will be decreased. She has been taking iodium200x two doses morning and night every month followed by iodium30x two doses morning and. Age: 33 married having this issue since 2. Hi dear,i am Mr. Could I use Calcarea Carbonica, Sepia Officinalis, Graphites, andLycopodium Clavatum for my Miniature Schnauzer. sujjest me homeo cure. Any medicine in homeopathy which treat my thyroid and also nodule. knee pains are also. Please let me know the treatment and should i consult any doctor directly. Is there any treatment for thyroid in homeopathy. pl suggest me. TSH is 8. No energy. I am not comfortable. For using Calcarea Carbonica, the symptoms of excessive perspiration on scalp, obesity and craving for boiled eggs along with chilliness are given utmost importance. Hoping you can prescribe some medicines that will help me tackle my fatigue and weight gain. Dizzy I feel like Iam gonna fall anytime n. (Hormones making Thyroid think old).

Fair, fatty n blobby figure. Should i continue with this meficine. TSH is14. she is taking 125mcg Althtroxin. 79. My free t3 level is NIL, tsh 6 and free t4. Her Latest TSH- 0. I want to start homeopathy treatment. But I see when I was in gym skin problem of my palm and feet did not occure. I am presently taking 75mcg thyronorm and my T3,T4, TSH levels are normal. My TSH value is 13. 5, t3 and t4 is normal. I am 44 years old suffering from Diabetes. Sharma, I have so many symptoms from my thyroid I am miserable. Kindly suggest me a good medicine in homopathy. plz reply with treatment thanks Mrs. He has all the classic signs of Hypothyroidism. Please let me know if you need to know of any other symptom and what medicine will be good. I am considering changing to homeopathic medicine for my underactive thyroid which I have had for 8 years now. Nature mostly cool gets irritated ocassionally for moment. Please suggest medicine for weight loss and Thyroid. Sir, I am diagnosed with two health problemd (i) Fatty liver grade-2 and (ii) Thyroidism TSH Level 15. Masum,i am hypothoriod patient,it is two years running,i am 30 years oil male,i am from bangladesh,may i talk with you phsically in your chamber,my body is getting weak day by day,plz help me. 25. When they listened to my heart and began to listen to my neck that I realized thai it could be my thyroid. Can Homeopathy cure Hypothyroid and if so how long do we need to take the treatment. Sometimes, my stool get harder followed by softer stool and vice versa. have been given Altroxin 100 mcg. Not sleeping. I am to poor to get any medical and would appreciate any homeopathic suggestions. Low Carb diet is suggested with homeopathic medicines. I am suffering from hypothyroidism. 10 height, from last one year i am over weight 89kg, hypothyroidism 5. that period timing went to 13. I get cold frequently very often and easily. Congratulations, if even single patient gets benefit from your theory it shows you are able to remove the pain from distance. When I got the first round of blood work back, my thyroid had no reading. Doctor advised 25mg medicine. I am fair. There are no such symptoms with what i can feeel that i have the thyroid probkem. Therefore, we would like to continue the Homeopathy Treatment. Kindly suggest me Homeopathic medicine, so that she could use it. plz,reply. 8. 18. She is feeling the bit better but the major changes which have surfaced are that she did not have periods in last two moths. sir from India. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica works well in controlling the excessive weight gain in patients due to hypothyroidism. Presence of bearing down sensations in pelvic organs along with excessive menstrual flow is a hallmark in using this medicine to correct menstrual problem. 6 ho to konci remedy lani chahiye. 45 now. She is 28 years old. Last year i had iodium then i detected with lumps in my thyroid and hyperthyroid. please guide me. I am a hypothyroid patient since last 7-8 years. I am putting on a lot of weight having great problems reducing my weight I have severe joint and muscle pains getting impossible to wAlk and lately I have developed planter facitis very painful. My main symptoms are puffy face. I am suffering from hypothyroidism. 5 and finally he prescibed me 3 tablets of Thyroxine. If any payment is to be made please let me have the details. The long standing constipation where the stool is hard and passes with great difficulty in lumps can be treated with this medicine. My periods delay 3 to 4 month and very short only for 2 to 3 days. I have been on Thyroid meds for 6 months have gained 13 pounds and my body fat is up to 30%. weight is 70 Kgs. Kindly suggest homoeopathic remedy. Calcarea carb, Sepia,Lycopodium, Graphites and Nux Vomica are the leading homeopathic remedies for hypothyroidism. My normal temp. I am feeling multi-symptoms like dizziness, numbness,loose stool,chilly and headache in my body. I get this attack periodically without any warning. Her current dosage per day is around 116 mg of thyroxine. I also suffer from constipation and swollen feet. Feels heavy some hrs after eating fatty foods. knee swellen and has pain. while she climbs the stairs she becomes full of breath. Just five month ago we did normal test, it was ok. So, although not diagnosed, my TSH level in dec 2015 was 6. As a result I have been having blood tests to keep an eye on my thyroid function. 8. So please sugest me for homeo treatment. she gain weight in last 2 years. I m 48 years and suffering from hypothyroid from last 6-7 years. My lower legs get a very uncomfortable tight feeling when I am really constipated. I have started homeopathy medication since yesterday but I have not seen the prescription. Also my daily working routine is 6pm to 3 AM office(night shifts for continuous 8 years now) As tested,. I forgot to take my thyroid tablets I wondered why my weight was not coming off. I have been suffering from Hypothyroidism from a number of years now. PS: now my body wants to eat every things I see,lucky I work every day job keep me moving physically. 46. I take treatment from my doctor (allopathic), get regular blood tests done, take all prescribed medicines. I Am getting breathing problems also there lot of weigth gain bloting belly also sudden weight gain till 65 kg before 4 months I losses 4 kg and my weight was 61. Homeopathic medicines for treating menstrual problems in a women suffering from Hypothyroidism. The T3,T4 and TSH levels have been changing. 01 I wanted to know. I am suffering from hypothyroid since my first pregnancy. I was not able to do daily household work due to fatigue and tiredness. Is there any side effects if i take homeo medicines for long time time. At 28, I was detected with hypothyroidism and use 50mcg thyrox medicine daily and TSH count is between 2-3 with medication. I also sweat on my head. My biggest physical complaint are my bowels I go all day long everyday as soon as I start eating. Hypothyroid patient since 10 y. I was diagnosed with hypo when I was 13 (now 34) and have been poorly medicated ever since. I feel tired all the time with periods of high energy. At 23, I got allergic rhinitis and it has become chronic until now along with Asthma. and separate medicines given for period. She is taking thyroxine 25mg. Kindly suggest us your opinion regarding these medicines. and swelling in my leg. thereafter i have been taking the prescribed medicines. 2 and motility was 20%. Raizia is my wife i have married 23 augst 2015. I also had a nasty ruptured appendix Aug 2014 and wondered if this has affected my fertility. I am 62yr. Dec. Says that my joints r deposition of uric acid. The patient requiring this medicine is fatty, fair complexioned and flabby. And tsh 8. Plz suggest me how to get rid of this problem. There is constipation with difficult, hard, incomplete stool. And in ultrasound I was diagnosed with PCOD on both ovaries of 5mm. My age is 40, Male. I used allopathic medicine with little benefit. e 6. I have the freezing, the weeping, the lashing out, the massive hair falling out, the constipation, gastro problems, not overweight. 0 plz tell me any homeopathy treatment her weight is only 18 g she is so weak also. Lot of hairfall and hair are dry and coarse. Progressed to gastrointestinal problems which makes me very careful with my diet. Doctors had no explanation for either of these, very real and somewhat life threatening episodes. Thanks, DR. Im suffering with hypothyroidsm sweat on my fore headshaking hand palpation is v high having hairs on my chin gaining weight on my stomach. His stomac is increasing in ball shape. Can take cold better than heat. I have hypothyroidism my TSH was 7. Calcarea Carbonica suits mainly persons complaining of weight gain with excessive perspiration on head and extreme chilliness. I am veg. I have also had weight gain and continue to get depressed for no reason. Excessive sweating on head is a leading feature for its use in hypothyroid patients. Also, have pain in both calves this happens till a week and later on she recovers. The information posted by you on hypothyroidism is very useful. I am suffering last 25 days from thyroid disease when my nack soil then i can understand problem in my body. 45 now. I recently found out that I have hypothyroidism. I am suffering from hypothyroid. The first homeopathic medicine Alumina gives excellent results in treating the trouble of constipation in a hypothyroid patient. I love to eat but have stopped eating as by sugar level rises. You have given very important guidelines to homoeopaths who tre. At gym, I did not improve my biceps and my chest comparatively bigger than my biceps. I have been taking this medicine for 1 month. 05mg once a day every morning. I am hypothyroid and 10 months post pardum and breastfeeding. Before 4 year my hair loose fastly. No obvious increased vascularity noted any of the nodules. approximately 15 kgs weight gain. Sometimes I feel leg pain which goes away with Vitamin D3 supplement. Main complaint weightain. I had ayurvedic intervention a few years ago which took care of my PCOS. During winter, skin of my feet and palm get whiten and peeled off and new skin come after winter. Pl. I feel like my thyroid is messing with my whole body. And after marriage or pregnancy time this thyriod may occur some bad thing. and in semen culture report it was as follow. to take for winter time cold feet and hands. Sweating is high, no constipation usually but flatulence in evening generally. Please suggest your valuable advice to get my disease condition cured. Only 2 or 3 days. 0125. constipation. My teeth becomes like paper due evasion of calcium in body. vKindly advise treatment and oblige. i consulted a physician and after certain blood test. So that when one looks at the symptoms of each medicine from the materia medica, one can select the right one. I was on thyroxine 88 MCG per day and got to have tsh level tested 0. Sir plz tell that if i am taking right no. I love to eat but have stopped eating as by sugar level rises. I have always been under 120 lbs, it was 15 lbs. The stool is scanty and unsatisfactory where the patient feels constant urge to pass stool but with little evacuation. Blood report says tsh 3g is 9. the entire 2014, 2015 went without medicines amd at regular intervals of testing the thyroid was normal. Such patients also complain of fullness in abdomen due to obstruction of flatus and desire to loosen the clothing to get relief. G- Thyroid test conducted for my wife aged 51 years, found a predominantly cystic nodule measuring 17 x 12mm in left lobe and a small hypoechoic nodule measuring approx. Need Homio for Epstein Barr and HyPERthyroid for my wife. Now also I have constipation problem and I am tryingfor my 2nd child. 89 and TSH-8. My doctor diagnosed me as being a hypothyroid patient. constipation. I m not habitual of allopathy medicine I want the treatment in homeopathy. 00 and TSH-7. I am a female height 5. 14 15 days too. I was having symptom of body weakness, increased appetite, feverish in the evening, weight gain around abdomen, numbness and heat in feet-sole, feet soles pain after morning walk and have sleepy sensation after meals, no constipated stools but difficulty in having morning sensation. 94 and. Love tea and cofee and like it very hold. Depressed. Also one month the tag was high but from 3 to 4onths tsh is reducing. 08. P 65 to 120 most of the time. My wife is suffering form thyriod i want to treatment under homeopathy so how to decide to which type of thyroid through testing repor of tyroid. Since then I am taking different medicine from a psychatrist. Please suggest best medicine for me to cure thyroid. Sepia Officinalis is also prescribed for controlling the excessive hair fal l due to hypothyroidism, especially in women of menopausal age. Thyroxine has done nothing for me but give me dry skin, hair falls out, still really lethargic, heart palpitations all the time, very heavy periods, although this may be due to peri menopause, really, really cold all the time, even in the summer. Please suggest which medicines are to be taken to reduce the TSH Level. I would be so appreciative for any guidence please. He was a premature baby and ever since he was born my mind has been fully on him worrying about his heath and hosp appointments. thanking you. My wish is to be free from taking Levothyroxine 88mcg. Please tell me if its because of me that I have not conceived yet or is he also responsible. 70. currently i am taking thyronorm 75mg. 8 and taking thyroxin 50 mg for 5 years. extream weakness inbdy,I am already a patient of oesteoarthritis. 5 years. My completion is getting dark day by day and my hairs are getting weak anand thin. Only trying to stay fit with home remedies. My age is is 56 yrs. She will complete 24 years this month and in spite of medication, she has been gaining weight over the past 3-4 years. Natural Homeopathic remedies for hypothyroidism are highly effective and especially useful for people who want to avoid the side effects of prescription drugs. After some time i also had developped an peculiar acidic problem. I am 43. I would love to have someone willing to help me. 59. Doctor diagnosed me suffering from hypothyroidism and advised to take medicines. And he said that medication could have the effect on my liver. It was diagnosed in 2008, though I suspect it was present much earlier, though less pronounced. Please tell me how long should i continue medicines to get this under control. Cannot. thereafter i have been taking the prescribed medicines. Initially my TSH was 6 and then i was taking thyronorm 50 mcg but it had decreased to 4. I was given two pints of blood and felt great afterwards. Remaining reports are normal. I suffer from Hypothryoid how many times Calcarea Carbonica should be taken per day. my TSh level is 6. I am suffering from thyroid past more than 6 years. Sharma and receive a reply on How Homeopathy can help in treating your illness. My wife,age 60 yrs suffering from thyorids since last 10 years. and no alcohal for the last 50 yrs. and aged 48. I am 39 year old, having thyroid for one year npw and having medicine 25 mg now. I would like to pay for your consultation. is 70 and B. I have tried many herbal and ayurvedic remedies but symptoms go worst. thx dr. My grand mother had asthma. Would you please suggest me homeopathic medicine for me. There is excessive flatulence in the abdomen with acidity that is mainly worse after taking farinaceous food. I believe in homeopathy and have used it for other things. T3 and T4 are normal. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica can help where the women complain of heavy bleeding during menses along with extremely cold feet during the flow. I am fed of the hairfall as i look old than of my age. I have gained weight (not obese) even though I am quite active. I want to convince also but dr tell me I have pocs. The mental symptoms that are to be considered for its use in hypothyroid patients is extreme irritability and indifferent behaviour towards family members who were earlier very much loved. my T3,T4, TSH value is 0. chill fell eye is squent slow growth loss of appetite. Doctor diagnosed me suffering from hypothyroidism and advised to take medicines. If some more medicines are required please suggest us. Some say that you devolop diabetics if you continue long on medication. My condition becomes worse, weak in limbs and seem helpless. She was having a sort pain in nerves which used be severe sometimes. Pain in abdomen usually precedes the expulsion of stool. Hello Dr I Mrs pundit from nashik would like too help me my tsh is report is reducing continuously from past month below given level. t3 t4 normal. please suggest me better medicine. 67. Vikas Sharma MD 696 Comments Homeopathic medicine for Hypothyroidism. But TSH is 7. And recently started involuntary bladder from last 4 months. Symptoms slight hair fall, feet sole gets cool fast. 02 Sir please help me and suggest me which medecine i should take. I thing homoeopathic treatment is good if i have to take it life long. I would be most grateful for any suggestions you would be so kind to offer. Tsh 9 has recomonded calcarea carb 10 m and thyriodinum200 c wht shod be frequency. The person is very weak with yellowish face and blue circles around eyes. My husbands count was 22. sometime I feel shiver in my spinal area. My wife have hyperthyroid problem for 10 years. A lot. It is one of the best homeopathic remedy for hypothyroidism. Menses. 07, T4- 7. An unusual excessive craving for acidic things and pickles can also be present. She is sweating lot and is also undergoing menopause stage. 7 all these together. it used to be 136 at some time. The main causes for weight gain include hypothyroidism, depression, slow activity of intestines, and sedentary life style. My son is now one, I try an eat healthy I exercise regularly and still I am nearly 12 stone at 5ft 1. On my own I reduced the amount back to 25 because I started to notice hyperthyroidism symptoms. The menstrual complaints are always accompanied by bearing down sensations in pelvis where the patient feels as if the pelvic organs will come out through the vulva and always sit with cross legs to prevent the escape. 3 now while T3 and T4 are within the normal range. or best meficine in Homropayhy Available. We got all tests done but TSH was 6. Would homeopathy help my daughter to lose weight. is there any treatment for my symptoms in homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines Alumina, Nux Vomica and Bryonia Alba for treating the constipation in a person suffering from Hypothyroidism. Could you suggest a medicine for subclinical hypothyroidism. My periods are normal for 3 days and cycle repeats in 28 days. and separate medicines given for period. pricribed 25mg medicine. Intake of spices and coffee makes the patient worse. i am vegetarian. But TSH is 7. I am fit and healthy but i have grown a pot belly and also put on a lot of weight only around the belly. I have taken BROMIUM-200 02 DOSW, my doctor told me to wait for 05 days. her weight was 45Kgs now her weight is 59Kgs. A patient requiring this medicine is fatty and flabby. After thyroid operation Doctor consulted to eat Eltroxin 100mcg medicne in morning daily. After two years on medication I recovered fully and have no joint pain, yet by 7 pm I am totally fatigued. 43. 1. I get this euphoric feeling when I have what I consider to be healthy stool ( medium to large in circumference, firm, light brown, with ridges that look like the lining of my colon) my mood seems very much tied to my bowels. I am a patient of Hypothyroidism and currently I am taking 150 mg Thyroxcine daily. Doctor, please let me know whether this treatment will cure her fully. Then the Endocrinologist suggested me take 2 tablets of Thyroxine but my TSH was not falling from 5. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland is under active and does not produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormones required in the body. 92 pl help me. My daughter is 5 feet 2 inches and weighs close to 80 kgs. I am Hemant from Varanasi 33 yrs old 5. I am suffering from hypothyroidism,my tsh is 10. please suggest as the urticaria has restricted my life severly. Mildly. Comes under cold easily. 8 x4. 9 and high uric acid level. But I want to switch to homeopathy please help. Some sort of gastric trouble like extreme flatulence usually accompanies hair fall in patients requiring this medicine. I start eating about lunch time and end about 6pm. I consulted a physician and after conducting certain tests found my TSH level high 7. usman. I took thyromed tab 50 mg for two months and TSH became 3. 8. From the given description and respective medicine, I feel Graphites is most suitable to my symtoms. My daughter is 5 years old her TSH is 7. This medicine is mainly given when there is excess fat in the abdomen and the metabolism is working at a very low pace, resulting in obesity and weight gain. 2. When I have the need to have a bowel movement I rarely have much notice, almost as soon as I know I need to go is when I need to hurry to the toilet. Vikas Sharma MD 1,722 Comments Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss. The patients requiring this medicine are of very irritable nature and cannot bear little contradiction. This means i am suffering from thyroid disease. I have hypothyroidism my TSH was more than 100 in Dec 2014. My age is 25 years and my weight is 74 kgs. Please suggest which medicines are to be taken to reduce the TSH Level. In Fact exercise along with homeopathic medicine can accentuate the weight loss. T4- 5. The patient requiring this medicine is very chilly and even faints in an extreme cold environment. Please suggest me best medicine to treat these problems. I have lot of symptoms like constipation, weight gain. I was around 85 but with the homeo i reduced to 68. I m 48 yrs. I got my thyroid test done and my reports shows the T3 and T4 are normal whereas my TSH level is above the normal i. I am concerned because I know how dangerous it can be to mess with the thyroid. Tingling in legs n arms. It takes 3-4 months to get my hair cut due to poor hair growth. My weight 78 KGs for the past 4 years. We are not sure if this is leading to symtoms that mimic mental illness but she has wild mood swings and inability to focus on anything. The last medicine Sepia Officinalis is mainly indicted for treating the menstrual irregularities in thyroiditis patients. But after leaving it again pain starts. I get irritated very quickly if offended by family members or friends however am very tame with outsiders. I am a thyroid patient last 2009 know I am married in 2015 two misgarriage what to do. I have been taking levothyroxine na synthroid 0. now it is 5. But if I am sitting in an AC room, I feel cold. 70. 28 in June 2013. Next medicine Silicea mainly suits obstinate kind of people who are extremely sensitive to cold and who have offensive perspiration on feet. Thank you. I have severe acidity problem and constipation problem also. I drink coffee (one cup) and some alcohol, and eat very little gluten. Then my right eye became proptosis ruined me my whole look changed I had radiation 10 treatments. Last week i got my blood tests and found out the following results of Thyriods. If the popularity of slimming centers and continued patronage of weight loss pills and diet plans is any indication, then obesity is a huge problem. Thank you for reading this and sending me any plan. My weight is 92 and age is 41 please help me sir. TSH 12. 30, Thyronorm 100mcg 1 tablet taking since 6-7 years. If any other informations are required kindly do send me an email. Kindly inform the Homeopathy medicine instead of Eltroxin 100mcg (Thyroxine sodium tablets IP). so please advice my deit and best medician for me. I consulted an Endocrinologist who prescribed Thyroxine tablets to me I started from 1 tablet but as I was taking medicines for bipolar disorder therefore therefore it did not work and my TSH was raised to 16. Plz suggest me any good medication for hypo. The blood test taken in March shows T4-1. But now I am better with one allopathy medicine. I now take Armour Thyroid, 1 Brazil nut, flax seed oil, and Vit D. I feel my face n eyes swelled in the morning. nd gaining weight hairfulll. Hallo sir I m suffering from hypothyroid since 10 years, my tsh is-2. Doctor advised 25mg medicine. 88. I am 29 years old and married from 4 and half years and have not conceived yet. I need ur suggestion sir. An unusual thirst for large quantities of water may be present in patients requiring Bryonia Alba. I want to switch to homeopathic medicines to cure it completely. This natural homeopathic medicine tops the list of homeopathic weight loss medicines. studying in 2nd year. Another homeopathic medicine Graphites works well in controlling the weight gain in those persons who are very obese, chilly and suffer from obstinate constipation. She checked my the came back as 1. Excessive sweating on the head usually at night time is also a very prominent symptom guiding towards using this medicine in weight gain. 89, 8. I am controlling my weight,plz suggest me what should I do to cure my thyroid. Lycopodium Clavatum:This is an excellent homeopathic thyroid Remedy. Please suggest homeopathic medicine for treating this problem. Just want to know is there any homoeopathy cure of this. Hello Dr I am suffering from thyroid last 30 years, I am very weak, now I am suffering from vertigo, please suggest any homeopathy medicine. I require 12 hours of sleep per day to function. She is 23 years Old. Not to forget I must mention information provided on your blog was of great help. 7, feeling cold in warm weather,heart beat first at the morning and throughout the day. Now i want to try homeo. 6. U. I am 30 years old married, I have suffering from hypothyroidism, I have constipation, buttock, and whole body is weighted sometime menses delay hair fall slow, in winter so cold feel, skin dryness. sir, could you please suggest any other medicine which will give her more relief. I feel cold but do not suffer from constipation. my tsh is 16. 59. Then i didnt get this medicine for few 2 months and I repeated the test. 85. There are no patent medicines in homeopathy for treating hair fall in a patient of hypothyroidism and the medicine has to be selected depending upon the constitutional symptoms of the patient. I have been taking levothyroxine na synthroid 0. with TSH level 22. My TSH is higher to 34. plese as god help me. Originally, I was taking 12. I never gained weight thankfully. I eat much organic foods, eat no meats only fish and sea food, take vitamin supplements and walk for an hour most mornings. 25 but I was feeling bitterness of Mania in my mood and behaviour. now my periods is late. My age is 22 since my hair fall is very high I went to a dermotologist. Had grown from 78 to 94 when thyroid detected when TSH was 120. I took thyroxin in various doses with no effect. The last medicine Bryonia Alba can help in relieving those patients who complain of excessively hard and dry stool. 5. 9 and high uric acid level. My wife is having thyroxine problem in whole body and at the moment she is under treatment, but due to the western medicine treatment her cholosterol percentage is going up. Kindly suggest me Homeopathic medicine, so that she could use it. There are no such things as homeopathic supplements for weight loss, neither is there any homeopathic diet for weight loss. trembling legs. i am fair but my hair fall is very much. kindly please suggest some remedy. Finaly after lab testing i know TSH Level thyriod to affected my body. Comment: My report of thyroid test is as above. Natrum Muriaticum is a very good homeopathic medicine for dealing with hair fall cases in persons suffering from hypothyroidism. and no alcohal for the last 50 yrs. Hello sir I am having tsh 7. Hi Doct Sharma, my wife gets illness,weakness,fever and anxiety after having sex. Please suggest a suitable remedy with potency and dosage. Hashimoto and feeling as a sudden head nock for a few secpnds then unstable and depression fpr some hpurs. How do I get the tests I need and to get treated. Sir plz tell me i am suffering from hypothroidism. I have been under my GP now for almost a year going back and forth looking at my thyroid funtion. I weigh 60 KGs for the past 15 years my weight has remained the same. Thyroid Stimulation Report of my wife is 68 instead of 0. 0. Homeopathic medicines for weight loss are no substitute for exercise. Patients requiring Psorinum may also give a history of some sort of skin complaint during their life time. I always feel some type of discomfort in my lower abdominal area as well as in my rectum. Iam taking homeo medicine. I am on armour thyrpid quarter strenth and losartan 25mg for high blood pressure. Lycopodium Clavatum is yet another natural homeopathic medicine for treating hair fall. This medicine proves to be very efficacious in women with hypothyroidism who suffer from very profuse menses that continue for long durations and occur earlier than the expected date. Good morning I am currently seeing a homeopath in Pretoria, South Africa She said that my thyroid is under active and me somw drops to use The active ingredients are the following: Avena Sative, Verbscum Thapsus and Gallium Aperine. old since two years i always feeling tired having problem of flatulence, breathing, palpitision, doubtful mentality, TSH-15. and have constipation always. I am not on medicines for hypothyroidism. Aloha dr Sharma, I have presented with thyroid problems since having a baby 1990. My T3 and T4 is normal but my TSH is very high my TSH IS 18. Hello doctor, one year back my doctor diagnosed that i have hypothyroid problem as i went with extreme hair fall problem, and i have lost almost 80% of my hair though new hair grow but hair fall is of thst level in which im unable to recover my loss. I also take feburic40, for high uric acid, dr.

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