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List dangerous diet pills
Back to the old Advantage come spring and no more TriFexis. Two that were dumped on us lived long healthy lives (approaching, at best guess, age 15) on the foods you listed as the bad ones, as well as feed store foods. My dog is 14 years old and I have always fed her kibble n bits mixed with and an all natural soft food. We live in the country, an hour from the chain pet stores. The kids competed with him until he was 40. Worst dog food brands for your dog listed here should be avoided if possible. Good that quality foods are available in greater number bad the two 35 year old dog foods that have lead this fight are left off. That is what I would do if it were my situation as your dog will need a special diet. My dogs have thrived on Purina Pro Plan and I will continue to support them and buy thier food. My question is are you feeding them the cooked bones as well or do you take them out before feeding. Whatever works for you and your puppies is fine with me, and they are lucky to have someone who cares deeply for them. Jane. I have learned that you must find what works for each individual dog. Glad your dog lived a long life but if you look at the ingredients on Beneful why would you want to feed it to an innocent animal that has no choice but to eat it. Her coat also has more shine to it, and no dandruff. I grew up with our dog living outside in temperate coastal California and my parents threw scraps out along with some purina dog food. I was so upset when I had to put her down, she was my baby girl. A holistic vet can recommend the correct diet to feed a special needs pet (like diabetes), that is fresh, free from by-products and chemicals etc. They are so lucky to have you and vice versa. I had a dog on Ol Roy for almost 15 years before we had to put her down. I then made the discovery by reading the bag. I have also found a balanced organic human grade diet works wonders. It is NOT bones, cartilage, beak, etc and again it is 60-70% of the protein. My kids, they love milk, have no problem with it but their cousin, he can have it, it makes him sick. I put her on a raw food diet and added Acidophilus bifidus (20 billion) purchased at whole foods in the refrigerated vitamin section 2 capsules twice a day. Additionally, you never say what size your dog is. My vet approves and she goes to classes ( yearly ) to keep updated on many things. No By-Products, Gluten, Corn, Soy or Wheat No Rendered Animal Fats No BHT No Added Sugar No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Dyes or Preservatives No recalls Human Grade Ingredients are used Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat Health Pre and Probiotics for Digestive Health Glucosamine for Joint Health Organic or Free Range Chicken or Lamb is the 1st Ingredient. Cats have the sensitive stomach blend and both the dog and cat food are now safe for the cat who may wander to other feed bowls. My cat was also on Royal Canin Urinary SO but my other cat and dog would get into it and it became too expensive. They have their dry food down all the time (2 of them just do not eat quickly so the free feed works for us) and at night they get a raw meal. Do you know that there will be vet visits. All they do is put a formulation together that fits the AAFCO standards. Kangaroo so please never buy meat by product. By-product is taking the bit left after processing and using it. ANY food recipe will allow an animal to survive if it has enough vitamins, minerals and calories in it. Speaking from experience, I have a chocolate lab, who is about to turn 15 this month. She immediately started haven energy when I started her on this diet and added Acidophilus Bifidus for the candida. Pingback: Ten worst dog foods of 2013 - Boxer Forum: Boxer Breed Dog Forums. I adopted an English Bulldog with Diabetes that was also grossly overweight and was riddled with candida. Now I would just like to tell you some of what they test for. My little one is 7 yrs. If you choose not to use their food, or prefer something else, that is your choice, but it is reckless of you to make such false statements. I decided to consult an additional veterinarian who is certified and balances holistic approaches. He had loads of energy, right up until he passed away just before his 11th birthday. Quality of life goes hand in hand with health, nutrition, love, companionship and doing the best we can for our family and pets. A full review can be found on The Dog Food Advisor, which gives them a four and five star rating for different formulas. You may need to try different food before you find the right one for your dog. I have many articles and information throughout the site from animal nutritionists, vets and specialists, but I think I will use your comment from now on when defending my stance of the dangers of cheap dog food. I have rescued and raised Rottwielers for over 20 years and they have all been raised on Purina Dog Chow in some variation. She also takes Denamarin pills daily — these contain milk thistle among other things. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy Kibbles and Bits, or that Big Mac meal with super sized fries. Stop blaming them and take responsibility for your own choices. They are healthy, shiny coats and at good weights. To thrive they need the correct sources and balance of protein, fiber, etc. They get vetted yearly and RARELY have to go in between. He was so sick from it so I switched to Rachel Ray just 5. If her kidneys cannot properly filter minerals, than filtered water might help. I was looking for healthy, nutritious alternatives to feed my dogs and was dumbfounded when I started reading and learning about the pet food industry. com for great products at great prices. Turkey, duck, different fish, eggs, milk (an 80 is considered an allergy. I have 4 dogs, 2 are boxers who are both on Diamond Naturals and doing well. Finally after just over a year or trying foods I had him allergy tested. Purina puppy chow made my puppy so sick when we first got him, the breeder was feeding it to him. Yes, the food that I feed does cost a little more then commercial or big box store foods, but I have found if you feed a better quality food, you are usually feeding much less. They have a lot of great brands at very good prices. Holistic vets incorporate alternative or complementary treatments with their veterinary medicine practice. Try grain free Earthborn, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo. The Pork and Sweet Potato is single protein source meal for dogs prone to allergies. Both have meat as the first 4 to 5 ingredients. I hold no ill will or judgement for those who disagree with me. As a matter of convenience and great prices, I now buy all our dog food from the feed store. She lived to be 10 which is a full life in the Bully world. Looks healthy to me, but I would love your evaluation of it. Science Diet was CREATED by veterinarians, and special diets are created and sold by prescription for specific veterinary circumstances. Natural Choice had a vegetarian food that I could get at Petsmart. I had my dog on purina and when I took him to the vet because he smelled so bad and was loosing his hair, the vet said it was the food. Hi Ashley: At first glance it looks like a good product. Cows,Ducks,Chickens, Deers, etc that eat this grain in fields or in feed lots now has this in their meat. Look at the ingredients and then look at the recalls, and the amound of dogs that have died. And have a jack Russel who is about to turn 14 who likewise is very healthy survives on mainly beneful, well that and any thing the little scavenger can get her little paws on, candy, gum, even a significant amount of chocolate one day, which is said to be Lethal. I also get vaginal yeast creme and dilute it into a bottle and put it in her ears. Offices that are terrible foods for pets ie science diet. Jane: I am very impressed with your website. ANIMAL FAT is most often made up of rendered animal fat, restaurant grease, or other oils too rancid or deemed inedible for humans. He had such bad diaherrea, we had to put him on a gastro diet just to correct everything. I am constantly trying to inform people about the issues with Commercial dog foods. Our boy had to be put down just before Christmas because of cancer. Shop at PetFoodDirect. I have never heard of it, but by checking out their website, which shows the Guaranteed analysis, ingredient list and calorie count, I would recommend it as a healthy natural dog food. For those who are familiar with the breed, this is extremely old for a lab. It is not cheap: the down side (cheap being relative). My point to this story is that not everything you read is true yes these products have grain and by products. As the medical field for humans, you are not there to help nurture and educate health and good living, but the use and promotion of drugs and prescriptions. I have read, reviewed and investigated the different methods of dog food diets available today, and personally make my dogs homemade dog food along with additional supplements, minerals and vitamins daily. It is redefining the cost of your your family pet. This is an informational site for those who want to change, or who are able to change the diet of their pets. I have fed mine Blue Buffalo for 10 years now. Look for American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Thanks for visiting, Jane. Thats what most Americans feed their families daily. However I had a Saint Bernard, who lived 12 years, before being diagnosed with bone cancer, 12 is a great life for a saint. My cat still vomits but it is no longer a daily event. And our vet bills are lower because we have healthier dogs. The number one ingredient is brewers rice followed by corn. This could not be further from the truth. Hi Liberty: Education is what this site is about. But if you think about it even people food is processed and is full of fake nutrients. I have listed the highlighted and starred ingredients on a separate page. My Vet put him on it to help control his diabetes, he gets insulin shots 2x a day also. Both to not have plaque or tarter on their teeth either. I am 48 years old and I just think that people are still transitioning to the fact that this animal is NOT a farm animal but a member of the family. They all use corn as the main protein source. If your dogs like it, and it agrees with them, then you have a winner. I did not particularly care for raw food diets but have found for HER it is the perfect diet. If you want to know what is a good, balanced food for your pet, ask a Veterinary Nutritionist, not some. For those who are interested in dog food explanations and comparisons, please cheeck. Jane, I am curious to know if you have any thoughts on any products made by Hi-Tek Rations Inc. I took him to our vet who seems to be very knowledgeable about nutrition. More important he feels great and acts energetic and happy. Hi Darlene: Thank you for visiting and helping with your informative comments. There are several menus in the right sidebar with all the different categories and topics. I have been feeding my two dogs this product and they love it. I think the point is, if you can afford to feed your dog like family, here is information to help you to find it, or at least to let you know what ingredients to avoid. My dog is currently 12 years old, and no one belives it. All dogs were healthy and lived long lives. It all depends on what works for you I would think. For years, we fed one called Sport Mix, but the feed store quit carrying it because of supply issues. No more problems with the Gastro now and she also eats some of what we eat on top of the Pedigree Heart Healthy. Actually replying to Sharon: While cats can survive as obligate carnivores, dogs cannot. That was the first time I was ever really educated about dog food. Many vets do supplement their knowledge with journals and conferences and their own common sense. What is often missing from the argument but which the author states, is that dogs are not supposed to eat any and every plant food just because they are omnivores, certainly not all that grain, which is an obvious profit-making, nutritionally-bankrupt filler strategy for animal and human foods alike. PROTEIN should come from clean, human grade named meat. I had a rescue dog who was always enthusiastic about eating the decent-quality food I was feeding. If you are not happy with the present medical treatment your dog if getting, you need to find a holistic vet or animal nutritionist in your areas. I do have issues with dry dog food too but I am happy that you have researched and made this post. What does increase your dogs life span is making sure that they get the proper vaccines, worming them, heart worm prevention, and making sure that they get health checks to diagnose any illness early. Just have to share, right wrong or indifferent, we had gotten a turnin Black Lab Mix when our son was young and she was 2 years old at the time. Holistic was the best choice for my dog on my budget. My husbands black lab ate purina dog chow her whole life and lived to be 18 years old. VPI insurance is fantastic and helped me a lot on my Great Dane and all his issues. When we adopted her she had two obstructive struvite stones (very common type of stone according to our trusted vet). I have tried them on Blue, and Taste of the Wild and both of them had different issues with the food. When I placed him in a new home 3 months later he was his svelte, enthusiastic-eater self again. When you shop for yourself do you pay attention to those things. This limited ingredient food also contains NO Poultry, NO Beef, NO Soy, NO Wheat, N0 Gluten,NO Corn, AND NO Dairy Products. She has not a single health problem besides arthritis, and fatty benign tumors, which many know is very common in older labs. We always do shelter animals or ones that have just come to us through friends. We need more like you, but change is always slow. The ingredient listings however, are different on my pack than whats stated on your site. She lost 15lbs and after 6 months is 80% better with her candida. I have also used Purina Pro Plan since they started making it. The side benefit is they produce less waste becuase their bodies use more of the food versus that of brands with fillers like corn and other junk which just pass through the system unused. This guide is meant to help anyone wishing to ask themselves what should and should not be in their own choice of food for their companions. I find this article to be very informative, but I notice that a VERY good dog and cat food is missing. It is called: Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul. I so wish I had seen these type articles when we first got our beautiful Lab as a puppy. Similarly to people, Dogs do great on a premium filler free vegetarian diet actually though. One thing that continually bothers me about dog food rating articles and sites is that they NEVER factor in how many times a brand has been recalled. He would go for the insides of the carcass (all the internal organs that would be considered by-products). Dog food companies do NOT have your dogs best interest at heart. Look for a named fat source, such as poultry or chicken fat, that is naturally preserved. If the pet food is mostly fillers (grains and biproducts) they are not digesting any nutrients but pooping out all those fillers and you feed them more to fill them vs a good food that requires less food for your pet to be full. They may go on a couple day strike from taking away their equivalent of McDonalds everyday but they will be healthier in the long run. The Blue Freedom is grain free and also the Wilderness formulas are also grain free. That to me is the most important aspect of having a companion dog. I appreciate this article, and would like to add that I believe in my opinion that feeding your pet poor nutrition can also cause some behavioral issues. I have used online delivery for years and love it. Hi KFlash Diamond Naturals is an excellent choice combining a high quality product at a reasonable price. I wonder if her dog food had something to do with it. Raw bones, on the other hand, are flexible and rubbery and dogs love to chew these without causing problems. That is what my dog eats for his skin problems, I read the ingredients and I saw no grains in it. All those common store brands use corn because it is cheap due to federal subsidies and market control. Companies do not have to list all ingreadients. I know people are struggling to make ends meet and sadly, some who feed only dog food to their dogs sometimes can no longer afford the expense and wind up relinquishing to some kill facility in their city. All these examples have corn as the main ingredient. She also runs around like a puppy and has lots of energy which she did not used too. The dry food is more expensive, but the vet bills are gone. I would rather give a dog a happy loving home than to say no, I cant afford to feed one. I have a sheiba inu when I first got him he was eating Purina puppy chow. Feeding your furry family member from your own kitchen can be learned, just be patient. He changed him to Holistic Select which he has done very well with. You go right ahead and feed your animals that garbage. Look for a food with no corn, wheat, soy or other fillers such as any of these Bad Dog Food Ingredients. Corn gluten meal is a source of 60-70% protein and is not a bad source. My question to you is: what food(s) would you recommend in place of said food. So I guess I can only speak to my experience with my pup. Jane, If this is such a big issue, why has the AKC not had an opinion on this (that I can find, anyway). A few companies have been exposed in what they have been adding in the dog food in order to keep costs low and profits high. I am not trying to be morally superior and certainly feel bad for your broccoli, but the focus of the website is strictly informational for those who want facts and the truth about the big corporations and what is really in the cheaper dog food brands. You are correct in saying that these two companies have been around for a lengthy time, and producing exceptional quality products for our pets. My pup has been seizure free for 4 yrs now. Go into any vet office and see all the propaganda supplied by Purina and the rest. I have another dog on Royal Canin Urinary SO, which is a prescription diet for a dog with urinary and bladder issues. The dogs love it, but it has a greasy feel to the kibble, and I have been searching the internet for other good foods that might be available at feed stores. He started scratching and losing his hair in the back. My current Leonberger puppy was weaned on to Costco own brand kibble, lamb rice and vegetable and remains on it. Nutrition is an important part of this type of care. I also found some premium foods that are reasonably priced. He comes to work with me often and I see vets, trainers, groomer and the like. Do you have any information or advice about that. And you are right about the costs, he eats a lot less of this dog food that what he was getting. You can order it online and have it shipped directly to you. I wish I could go to each and every pet parent and encourage them to keep their dog. Do you use off the shelf acidophilus meds that we use. I accidentally found him at a farmers market but have since heard of others finding people locally making food as well. So much money saved and they love this brand. We also have to be very careful about where the dog food is made. I also rotate with ground chicken and ground turkey just to keep things switched up and use the same high fat variety that come in the tubs or tubes. She is very interbred for her intelligence, her hearing and her sense of smell. I feed Timber Wolf Organics when my boxer was found with cancer. Below is a listing of some of the worst dog food brands, which contain harmful, unnecessary and outright dangerous and deadly ingredients. If you are looking for a straight out review site, there are several sites that do this already such as, but not limited to: Dog Food Advisor Dog Food Analysis The Whole Dog Journal Petsumer Reports My site is targeted towards information, learning, education, reading and then using the information to make your own informed decision. There is also, so compare prices at each place. China makes a lot of our dogs food so be smart and read the label. We feed it to our rescues and the improvement is off the charts. So the simple question is: What does your pet mean to you. They seem to be doing extremely well, all in the past have live to what was considered very old age, and appear healthy, not over weight, and love the food. Any dog who is fed a consistent and regular diet of corn will be more prone to illnesses, allergies and a shorter life. Or you you want to do the best you can for your pet. I would think that they would if there is validity to your claims. I currently feed my Chinese Crested (9yrs) Hills Prescription WD. Whether I buy Acana or Orijen or Purina Dog Chow I follow the suggested feeding amount for her weight and she is always the same weight, able-bodied and energetic. Food varied from iams, science diet, pedigree, alpo cans, and a little beneful, never any major issues, had an allergy which came about every august so likely environmental not food related.

He made it by taking his medicine by eating vegan tofu cheese. So though many people may feel strongly about the type of dog food their dogs are fed, I feel strongly about the type of lifestyle the dog is allowed to live. Guess what, the allergies left and the ear infections all but left, along with the terrible odor from her ears and skin that she had seem to always have. Her food is nearly ALL carbs as that is what she needs — she cannot tolerate more than a tiny bit of meat protein. My dogs started on the chicken initially, then switched to the lamb when one Lab had allergy (ear) issues. People are sick and tired of their sick dogs and are looking for information. We all must become our own advocates, exactly as you have done. Hi Raj: Dogs do not do well with corn (maize) as a regular daily diet. I was just wanting to see if you had heard of this brand or company and had any thoughts of their practices. But I do wish vets had more in-depth knowledge on nutrition. I buy Focus and Pedigree canned for my old dog, Sara who just turned 15 in November. My site is here for information for those who want it, not to tell anyone what they should or should not do. They SHOULD be and if they loved the pets they take care of they would surely research this and go to school for this. Other then her yearly rabies, never had to take her to the vet, and she lived to be a ripe old age of 19. Also, raw feeding bulk meats from a butcher is the same price or lower than ANY cans when it comes down to it. lol. Although I have a trusted Holistic Veterinarian that is qualified in animal nutrition there are also alternate sources. My English Bulldog was riddled with candida and had ongoing ear infections when I adopted her. As a last ditch attempt I switched to IAMS large breed. I find it very hard to believe or even trust the above comparisons. She also stopped having gas (which is quite typical of bulldogs) and has lost most doggie odor and limited shedding. An Alternative or Holistic Vet includes complementary and alternative veterinary medicine and natural healing for pets integrated with traditional medicine. As I am a vegetarian, I do not feel able to handle and feed raw meat to my dog. Use these foods as a comparative guide to see what you should NOT be feeding your dog. I just became aware of the Diamond Naturals lamb and rice. My dad raised dogs on it and it might have been good then. They will advertise as Holistic or Alternative Veterinary Care. When selecting a food, decide what criteria are important to you. During our 10 week session, I spend one evening talking about nutrition. Maybe you should do some research on premium food. Thank you for your time and the information that you provided. Adopt a pet, love a pet, treat them with kindness, and however long they live may it be happy. You will find a huge selection from top of the line to the more economical brands at most of these places. Maybe we would not have such crappy food. Back then dogs ate whatever scraps were left. As with anything any of us put in our bodies there are always risks involved. I switched to diamond natural lamb and rice. They did not have owners who cooked for them or even treated them as a family member. Yes, the food ingredients listed on the label seem good, however, we also need to consider where their meats are sourced. So I am a vegetarian and heard all the negative effects of being so, yet 18 years in, in perfect health, never a complication. They are a local company from my area and produce a variety of products from the low-end (cheap products) all the way up to high-end all natural products. My last Leonberger (a giant breed) came to us at 11 months old. I had another dog that was on a grain free diet because of allergies to grains. and she is miserable with the itching. The dog will gorge and have periods of famine. Can you try and find a holistic veterinarian in your area for a second opinion. I came to similar conclusions regarding corn and even chicken. They have had tumors, kidney and joint issues, and early death. Our vet recommended not switching food thinking that it had to be caused by something else. This is the reason I started this site back in 2008. One of our rescues, a cat, had stone issues being on Science Diet (supposedly the good stuff). I understand that a good diet, and good foods are important, however I also believe the key to a long healthy life goes beyond the type of dog food. My main focus is homemade dog food, with many recipes, tips and choices listed under the RECIPES Categories in the right sidebar. I personally make my dog food and researched this process to death. Your vet gets a piece of the pie when he sells that dog food to you. My vet recommended it, the only place I can buy it is at the vets office. She is 7 months into it and can hear again which is amazing. FACT: The 3 biggest allergens for dogs is BEEF, CHICKEN, and DAIRY. Just thought i should add that to the mix. Where does your industry send the pets that are put down. They have a lot to learn during their training like diseases and bones to mend and unfortunately nutrition is not high on the agenda. Here is a list of what you would want to see on your dog food label. I feed my horses Purine feed and one of the two best horses I ever owned was 41 when I put him down. It came highly recommended, and can be gotten at the feed store, which is a real benefit in these rural areas where none of the fancier brands are available. We treat her as a member of the family and care for her to the best of our ability. The only places to purchase animal foods are the local big box store, which carries your non-recommended foods, or the feed store where we buy poultry feed and cattle cubes. We have been feeding this for 4 years now. These days the only way for you and your dog to eat health would be make everything from scratch. So I say better than euthing an animal or turning it in, buy or feed what you can afford. Lots of those same companies own the pharma that treat your sick dog. The person who is responsible for formulating from was in face a vet and discovered distemper vaccine. A healthy diet is only a small part of the bigger picture. Corn is not cheap because of market forces. My Pembroke Welsh Corgi looks amazing and she has always been fed homemade food. Its more expensive but there are fewer vet bills and they are worth every penny to me. Some vets that are interested in nutrition will continue their learning by taking extra training in this department and kudos to them. We have had 4 large dogs, and are now down to 3. They lived to be 15 and 12, and the thing that finally ended their lives was breed specific kidney failure. He was a big lovable boy who loved us even bigger. This is going on in the states and it is a serious problem. I feel so bad for her, and love her very much. Also my cat would routinely eat the dog food and get sick again. The Luddite way cannot be the solution to every problem. I have to laugh at all these opinions about dog foods and lifespans attributed to them, etc. Please be smart and read up and ask your vet before you assume a food is bad. And you are ignorant to call someone that word. His coat is good his condition is good, stool consistant, firm,and hard. And, if this is true, how do we humans justify eating any formerly living thing. That said, I once had a foster Collie who threw up every premium food I tried. Your little Welsh Corgi is just a wolf in a Corgi suit. There are going to be extremes and financial issues in this area as with all others. The key here like human food to use more natural (unprocessed) products in all of our food. He was placed into a home, and they switched him to a poor-quality food. While I went to vet school, nutrition was not a big topic unless you wanted to study in that field. It was okay but I was not going to pay what that cost and in the end found out that SD has higher Crude Fat then does the Pedigree I now feed her. Yes, I have tried others, Blue, taste of wild, Merritts, etc. This top 7 worst dog food list is as relevant today as it was during the recall of 2007. From what I learned from calling on vets is that they do NOT have a good grasp of nutrition ( and yes, I know that one year this food is great and then the next year its gone to crap and that everyone has their own opinion ). Rather than going to a holistic veterinarian for diet recommendations, how about a board certified veterinary nutritionist. They send us all over for nutrition education. It was a nice change, seeing a vet knowledgeable about dog food and aware that different foods can have different effects on your pet. Look to see if there is auto ship from any of the major pet companies or Amazon in your part of the world. So use the chart on this page as a guide if you are considering changing or upgrading to another food to see how many yes answers you get, or take the test here. His original idea behind developing all of their dog food was because of the high rate of cancer which is directly related to the Bad brands. Probably people food which vets tell them NOT to feed. There is a way for them to afford their furry family member, just need to figure out what it is. We are now feeding one called Hunters Special, Maintenance Formula. A spry 13 years is a lot more impressive on a 230 pound English Mastiff than a small or medium-sized breed. My intention is not to judge or make any one feel bad for their own choices and decisions. You have embodied the theme of this whole website succinctly. I cook for my dog and supplement with a good dog food when I am not able to cook or it is late and she needs to eat right now. I studied pet nutrition in college and will never buy pet food that has not done a feeding trial. I am quite surprised that Canine Caviar was not listed. MEAT MEAL is a generic term for unspecified meat sources that are not acceptable for human consumption. The superiority judgement is totally on point, as well as the ridiculousness of ascribing feelings to broccoli etc. Posted by janed54 on 28 November 2016, 1:06 am. I feed chicken legs quarters plus rice with a tblspoon of chicken soup base and a can of green beans. By the time he was about 7 yrs I had more or less given up trying to find a food that would make a difference. The Shitzu kept having what the vet was referring to Pancreatitis. They have always been fed a grocery store economical dog food along with some of what we eat. I used to work in the pet food industry, so I know some things that are never made public. Place a per-feeding amount of food in a dish, and put the dish down. My other 2 dogs are Rat Terrorists and they eat Taste of the Wild Bison. What is the best food is always a relative question. Most people just read the first few top worst dog food brands, without educating themselves on why I am saying these foods are bad for our pets. Hi Laura: There a many online pet stores that offer specials on shipping such as. Just FYI: Blue Buffalo does contain grain in the original formula, but also have grain free formulas. If it is not possible to change to a different or higher grade commercial food I would suggest not worrying about it, just be happy with the knowledge that you are giving your pet love, shelter and food, which is obviously better that a lot of others get in this world. Nancy, as Dori seemed to be saying, Purina foods were working on her pets. All my dogs have been fed Purina and they have outlived their life-spans, one by quite a few years. Even fish have shown up with this from run off from the fields. Since switching their coats have become like velvet, they have cleaner teeth, and allergy issues have disappeared. We have never given any of our dogs anything other than dry dog food and have been lucky enough to not require any Doggy dental work. I agree on many on the bad list but for one, even if not holistic, Pro Plan is one of the better foods out there. DOGS ARE CARNIVORES, they need meat, NOT CORN. I am going to leave a link to a website for the the guy I get my dog food from for anyone that lives in Florida. That is quite old for a Siberian since their life span is normally 10-14. Finally we decided to do the same for her as we had done with our 19 year old pound puppy and fed her whatever we ate. even the brands that are on the safe list are processed and still are not good no matter how you look at it BECAUSE ITS PROCESSED. I teach a puppy class at our local dog training club. Instead he died at only 9 of stomach cancer. Hi Julie: I agree about the Royal Canin, but cannot advise regarding medical issues as I am not a vet. SolidGold Foods over 35 years old and growing and Dr. Under every bad dog food listed above I have these two links which will go to some of my other posts: CLICK HERE for REASONS THESE ARE BAD DOG FOOD INGREDIENTS CLICK HERE to SEE WHAT ARE GOOD DOG FOOD INGREDIENTS The sad smiley face goes to a page which has an explanation as to why the highlighted and starred items are dangerous. Healthiest Cat Food Brands All Natural Cat Food Cat Training Tips. Supermarket and grocery store dog food is garbage. I would never feed Purina to my dogs and that includes the spinoff brands they have purchased. I see dogs with bloated little porky bodies that appear to have just a little bit of leg and feet attached to their body. I also use Purina One along with some Dynovite for my dogs. I personally do not inform anyone what I feed unless they specifically ask me. The only thing I have a comment about is that rice is mostly GMO and leaky gut or ANY intestinal issues from GMO which include corn and soy as well. I had to special order it and it was shipped to my house. My dog has inhaled allergies, so he itches even though he eats a very good food. Some are not, but they soon will when they get tired of paying for the vet bills and or the unnatural reasons they are losing their dogs. It seems to be above average in all important areas. I also use witch hazel every day to rebalance the PH in her ears. I try to educate my class, so they can select the best food for their pets. By informing better eating habits and the makeup of the food you feed to your pets, you and your industry would rather continue feeding the fillers and 4Ds, so your industry can grow. What do you think of Holistic brand Health Extension for toy and miniature dogs. Food makes a huge difference in mans best friend. It is not cheap, however it seems to be very good. On a side note I have noticed comments that state that Blue Buffalo is grain free food, it has rice and rice is considered a grain so it is NOT grain free. There are so many good quality products out there to now choose from such as any of THESE. The only thing I would recommend is upgrading your commercial brand if possible, to something similar to any of these. Homemade foods are not nutritionally balanced for long term care. The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association is the governing body for this type of practice. By the same token, perhaps you go too far with your dismissal of every single commonly available pet food. I wish I could find a homemade diet for my dog with the urinary issues as I feel the prescription diet she is on is CRAP food. I have many articles and posts explaining what and why something is considered good or harmful. The food itself sounds like a high quality, extremely nutritious product, all sourced and produced in the USA. The breeder weans all the pups on to it and feeds it to her adult dogs. It took me almost a year to finally find the one food that works well for both of them. Quit messing with the genetics of food, and eat what god provides for us, and remember, dogs eat better than some humans. As long as we do our best to care and nurture our pets then that is all we can do. I feed my dogs (4 of them) Taste of the Wild High Prairie Adult Formula along with a raw diet of meat and bones. I think that genetics is as important as what the animal is fed. Then add in all the weed killers they use. I have always promoted love, compassion and understanding towards each other and all animals. com website that can pull anything off of Wikipedia. She only really preferred table food, so what we ate she ate including veggies, meat, starches. I would prefer that they could eat the blue buffalo just because I know it is way healthier, but on it all they do is scratch and whine. It was recommended that I use Eagle Pack for all my babies. Your pet will also tend to eat less of it to stay healthy and not gain weight. You need to do more research on Science Diet before bashing them. I used Nutriol lamb and rice 20 years ago. Working in the vet industry does NOT give you the information required to dole out information about nutrition. It will take a long time to cure this but NO CARBS because they produce sugars that the candida lives on. I started this website due my own loss of a beloved companion dying a horrible death, which could have been prevented had I known about proper nutrition for dogs. The funny part: the vet wanted to put the cat on Science Diet UR food. Yes your dog may exist on these foods but as they age the problems will come and their life span will be shortened. Do you know it needs to eat a healthy meal. I feed instinct raw frozen, but would like to offer other foods. His coat was glossy and thick and he was in good health. I had two dogs that both lived to be 16, I fed them Jim Dandy dog food their entire lives. Within a very short time, his poops were perfect. This is of worst foods are exactly the ones on my list that I tell my customers about. I buy 5 or 6 50-lb bags at a time, so convenience is a big concern, and the feed store loads it for me. We have never over-fed her, she is an ideal weight and has been very physically active since she was a puppy. I did not know for months but my 2 labs sure noticed. They also make Old Mother Hubbard and Wellness. It just goes to show that not even the Vets have all the knowledge. If your dog is doing well, then you chose well. But when they get into plants have feelings too, its just time to move on. Their teeth are in great condition, gums look great, fur is amazing and people always comment on how great they all look. I will be checking into the farm fresh guy as we do live in FL and I have discovered my own health problems are largely diet based. I would have to agree that in theory this makes perfect sense, like in humans healthier fresher foods, would be healthier. He started putting on weight and got up to the weight he should have been from about 2 yrs. However, they eat what I buy them, along with meatbscraps that other family members feed them. Reggie (a rescue mutt) was 20 and my Corgi was 15. A natural species diet would about 75-80% combo of meat, bone and organ, along with the rest in berries, fruits, seeds, greens, and several plant-based supplements like yeast and kelp are also divine. But we do not have extra vet bills, or illnesses that are caused by bad food. It is NOT intended to guilt and berate anyone who does not want to, or cannot change due to circumstances. The canned formulas are 95% meat, which can be used easily for rotation feeding, toppers or treats. I have been making homemade, supplemented by fresh raw food and rotated with many of the high quality pre-mixes and dehydrated foods available. I have experience using Natural Balance Vegetarian specifically. Hi Karen: I am so happy for you and your puppies that you have found an excellent dog food that agrees with your dogs, and has improved their health. Anyway, end of the story is my dog loves this food (licks her bowl clean), and has a dramatically increased level of energy. All Purina products DO perform feeding trials so I will stick with those. My family has fed her Purina all of her life, from puppy to dog chow, and she has had no serious illnesses or problems throughout her life. As a vet student who is taught Nutrition and Physiology, I can assure you that dogs are indeed omnivores. Then it was sold to corporation and destroyed brand. They are in existence for one thing only and that is to capitalize on you and your dog. We all must educate ourselves, and be our own advocates when it comes to our own health and the health and welfare of those dependent on us. Muscle mass, lots of energy and very alert. But imagine their discomfort when I inform them that plants of the same species exhibit communicative protective behaviors when one of their kind is under threat. Any dog food that uses corn as the main protein source should be avoided as we now know this is not a good protein source, and is hard on the digestion. I have never had so little poop from my big lugs since switching to the good kibble and raw foods.

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